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Palm Foleo features Opera browser

The Foleo turns on and off immediately without the need for a long-winded boot

The maker of browser Opera has announced that Palm's new Foleo 'mobile companion' will feature its software. Based on Opera 9, Opera for the Palm Foleo includes support for higher-end browser technologies such as Ajax.

The Palm Foleo is the first computer designed to be a companion to a smartphone - the Linux -based laptop-style device shares email with your phone. The idea is that business users want to use their smartphone for email, yet they also want a full-size keyboard and screen to type new mails.

Also, edits made on the Foleo are automatically updated on the smartphone. And similarly, document or email work done on the Treo is automatically synced on the Foleo.

Usefully, the Foleo turns on and off immediately without having to wait to boot up. In addition, users don't have to save documents or changes before powering down. The Foleo automatically stores changes when switched off, and resumes where the user left off when turned on again.