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PC World gives away 'free' laptops

PC World is to offer 'free' laptops with Orange broadband contracts

PC World is to offer laptops worth £300 for free - providing you sign up to an Orange Broadband contract for two years. The deal, which will be offered in stores from tomorrow, means you pay £7.49 for the first three months. After that you'll need to pay £14.99 monthly. That'll give you a max ADSL speed of 2Mbps but there is also a £19.99 option to get faster 8Mbps broadband should you wish.

And what's the laptop you get? PC World says the minimum spec for the laptop is a Celeron processor, 256MB memory, 40GB hard drive, DVD Rewriter and 15.4-inch widescreen display.

Not exactly impressive stats but hey, it's free. Customers will also be offered to upgrade to a higher spec laptop from £19.99 or receive a discount up to £350 off any laptop across the PC World range.

There have been other broadband offers announced today. Pipex is offering a connection from £8.95 per month for the first three months, and £14.99 per month thereafter.