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Amazon MP3 store comes to Android 2.1

Google Nexus One - comes with Amazon music
Google Nexus One - comes with Amazon music

Google's latest update to its phone OS - Android 2.1 - has finally arrived in the UK, courtesy of the Google Nexus One handset and with it a number of new UK-specific features.

One of the more interesting things is that now you can get direct access to the Amazon MP3 store from the phone, something the US has had since the G1.

The service comes preloaded on the Nexus One and offers up information on the latest songs and albums and how much they cost.


In all there are 9 million tracks available on the store, plenty then to plug the music gap which has been bugging Android users in the UK.

The launch of the UK-specific Amazon MP3 store on Android – something which still needs to be confirmed by Amazon itself – may well be the killer app needed for Google to challenge Apple and its iPhone as the multimedia handsets of choice.

With poor US sales seemingly blighting the Nexus One, however, Google will be looking towards the myriad upcoming devices sporting the 2.1 firmware upgrade and hoping that this music access will be able to sway those who are currently tethered to iTunes.

Via The Telegraph