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Australian Government “looking very closely” at laptop ban on international flights

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has said that the Australian Government is seriously considering the banning of laptops on some international flights, a move that would mimic similar bans in the US and UK from certain Muslim-majority countries.

Mr Turnbull spoke on Tuesday about the issue, in light of reports that President Trump disclosed highly classified information to Russian officials pertaining to Islamic State terrorist attacks and their connection to laptops on flights. The Prime Minister didn’t respond directly to these comments, but regarding the ban itself said that the Government is “looking at it very closely, taking into account all of the information and advice we’re receiving internationally, working very closely with our partners.”

This would strongly suggest that Australia will impose a similar ban that has affected inbound US flights from 10 airports in Muslim-majority nations, although at this stage nothing has been confirmed. Concluding his comments on the matter, Turnbull said that “in due course, any announcements will be made formally through the transport minister.”