All software is going to look like Facebook claims Salesforce

In a speech by CEO Mark Benioff at the companies Dreamforce 2012 conference in San Francisco the CEO explained why businesses needed to follow Facebook if they wanted to succeed.

"Facebook is the most popular app on the planet," Benioff claims. "All software is going to look like Facebook; everybody is going to have to rewrite [their software] to have a feed based program with status updates because this is what users have been trained to. [Salesforce] needs to be modern, it needs to stay up to date. We need a feed based user interface. We need to run on mobile devices. We need to do all these things. And we have the opportunity because we're updating our platform three times a year."

Salesforce has to keep adding new features to stay relevant, Benioff says; "I think it's critical today for platforms to have this kind of next generation file management, which looks a lot like what Dropbox looks like; obviously Google feels that way, with Google Drive, and Microsoft feels that way, with SkyDrive." But it's Facebook that Salesforce is really taking as a model.