In pictures: LG's 84-inch Ultra Definition TV

You are going to need bigger eyes

In picture LG s 84 inch Ultra Definition TV

There's nothing like a big TV to bring in the crowds at CES 2012, and there have been a number of them announced this year. But LG's has to be the most jaw-dropping.

Sharp may beat it by an inch - it's launched an 85-inch television - but LG has got an advantage in that its big-screen Ultra Definition TV is also 3D-ready.

That's right, LG has added its Cinema 3D technology to this behemoth, and the results are pretty special.

LG ud tv

4K resolution may be an emerging technology, but given that most films are being mastered in this format now, if you were to purchase this television in 2012 then you would be future-proofing the quality of your movie watching.

LG ud tv

Then again, you may baulk at the price, since the television weighs in at a huge… actually we don't yet know the price but Toshiba's recently announced - and much smaller - 4K television cost a giant $11,700.

LG ud tv

To make sure the 3D is as good as possible on the television, LG has added something called 3D depth control. It also does 3D sound, although we're a bit dubious about the idea of making sound '3D'.

LG ud tv

There's no release date as yet, so you have plenty of time to get the measuring tape out to see if the huge TV will fit in your home.

LG ud tv

People with bedsits probably should just keep dreaming.

LG ud tv


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