Megaupload to be mega-generous with 50GB of free storage

Going live this Saturday

When Megaupload's Mega site goes live on Saturday, it'll offer something the competition can only balk at: 50GB of free storage.

"#Mega will have very generous limits for free users," Kim Dotcom, the site's legally beleaguered founder, tweeted Thursday. "For example you get 50GB storage for free ;-)"

Dotcom's announcement elicited an outpouring of retweets and good tidings.

"@kimdotcom #Mega is going to kill it!" @CajunTechie tweeted. "I'm totally excited. Stay strong. The enemies of progress will fall!"

@LassanaDiarra_ had this to say: "I love u @KimDotcom."

'It's like time travel'

The tweets didn't stop there.

"I think you will be very happy with the new #Mega," Dotcom effused. "It's like time travel. We'll take you to the future!!!"

Just what it is to be like time travel we don't know, but we can say Mega promises more storage than either Dropbox and Skydrive.

We all get to experience the world changing power that is Mega on Saturday, so stay tuned.


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