Google loses autocomplete lawsuit

Libels businessman with fraud-related suggestions

Google has lost a lawsuit in which an Italian businessman sued for libel due to the search engine's auto complete options, known as Google Suggest.

Whenever the anonymous businessman Googled himself on, suggested search terms included 'truffatore' (conman) and 'truffa' (fraud).

Obviously that's not ideal for anyone hoping to make a name for themselves in the business world, particularly as his lawyer said that he "has a public image both as an entrepreneur and provider of educational services in the field of personal finance."

But it's not our fault!

The Milan courts rejected Google's defence that it is not responsible for the suggestions, which are generated using search terms used by other users have typed.

Google is none too pleased with the outcome of the lawsuit, saying, "We believe that Google should not be held liable for terms that appear in autocomplete as these are predicted by computer algorithms based on searches from previous users, not by Google itself."

It's all to no avail though, as the court ordered Google to remove the terms from the search bar suggestions.

Luckily there are no scandalous suggestions when you tap TechRadar in to Google, but just try Justin Bieber, Tom Cruise or Mark Zuckerberg...

Our favourite autocomplete, however, is 'Bing is…'.

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