Fiat reveals pop art Panda concepts that could spawn a pick-up, SUV and camper van

Fiat New Global Game
(Image credit: Fiat)

The Renault 5 E-Tech may have stolen the limelight at the Geneva Motor Show 2024, but Fiat is refusing to be outdone – the Italian brand has revealed a quintet of new concepts and says it will launch a new Panda-based vehicle every year until 2027, with the first arriving this summer.

According to Fiat, all of its new saccharine concept cars will share the same philosophy that "functionality should never exist without fun". Everything you see below will be based on a "unique multi-energy platform" that will afford Fiat the flexibility to work with electric, hybrid and internal combustion engines in the future.

The first car to arrive off the back of these slightly madcap design studies is the City Car, which Fiat describes as "bigger than the current Panda" - a Mega Panda, if you will. There is little information on what will power it and overall specification, but the Italian marque says the styling has been inspired by Fiat's old Lingotto factory – the one of Italian Job fame, complete with rooftop-track. 

You can see it in the oval shape on the roof, right? You know, the bit that looks just like the famous La Pista 500 track. No, we can’t either. But we do know that lots of recycled and sustainable materials have been used inside, including recycled plastics and bamboo fabrics.

In addition to this, the high riding position is classic SUV/crossover, while a 'self-winding' charging cable makes it easier to plug it in and then top up batteries, as well as stow, according to Fiat. It's highly likely we will see a production version of 'MegaPanda' at some point this year. 

If that’s not large enough, Fiat also offers its Panda SUV, which it describes as a sort of 'Giga-Panda'. A Panda City Car on steroids, if you will. 

Panda power

Fiat New Global Game

(Image credit: Fiat)

Following on from the more believable high-riding Panda City Car are a handful of other concepts that range from the sublime (the Pick-Up) to the ridiculous (the Camper). 

The former feels more likely to arrive, seeing as Fiat claims that it is the market leader in South America and the Strada pick-up is the bestselling vehicle on the Brazilian market.

It's a neat looking concept that is more akin to a small SUV with an equally tiny rear bed for transporting kit, and a double cab for transporting people. "Fun and practicality will spread throughout the world with this model," Fiat claims.

Further down the list of Panda concepts is a Fastback, with stylishly retro, squared-off bodywork and absolutely gigantic wheels at each corner. Again, it looks like it is going to be aimed at the Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.

The aim of the game here is for Fiat to improve its sustainability commitment without giving up on performance. We assume that means it will boast a punchy electric powertrain and some funky recycled interiors.

Carry on camping

Fiat New Global Game

(Image credit: Fiat)

Finally, Fiat goes all-out with a Camper concept that's about as far removed from Panda as things get. Apparently, this design study is a nod to the Panda of the 80s – a vehicle that Fiat claims was made for the city but had the features of an SUV and "the soul of a trusty companion".

Again, it looks fantastic, complete with handy roof box, monster wheels, minimal overhangs and an aggressively futuristic shape that pulls in inspiration from classic 4x4s, such as those from Land Rover and Jeep, but retains a recognizable modern SUV silhouette.

Will all of this ever come to light? Who knows, but Fiat looks committed to the cause, stating that the common global platform underpinning the concepts will ensure cars are available to customers all over the world.

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