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Speck See-Thru 15-inch case review

Go back to the days when Macs were colourful

The fan vent is left unobstructed, as are the various connections

Our Verdict

A bit pricey but loads of fun for those looking to add colour to their life


  • Good fun


  • Expensive

Occasionally we pine for the days when Macs were candy coloured, and not the white and metal anodyne creations that we have today. This Speck case is just the business. It slips over the MacBook Pro to give it an entirely new see-through skin - a bright pink one!

The effect is quite eye-catching. The case has two parts: one for the back of the display and one for the keyboard base. Both halves click onto the Pro smoothly, but you do need to be careful positioning the bottom half - it has little plastic hooks that need to be positioned just so.

The fan vent is left unobstructed, as are the various connections, the disc bay, ports and the lid-release clasp.

No heavy impact protection is on offer here but you do get good scratch protection. The cover is thin and lightweight so is easy to carry about.