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Port Designs Laptop CoolFan Stand review

A breath of fresh air for your laptop

Avoid melting components with the CoolFan stand

Our Verdict

A simple and functional way to keep your laptop cool


  • Does its job well


  • Nothing to keep the stand in place

Keeping your laptop cool is a good way to extend its lifespan, as it keeps heat at a level less likely to damage core internal components. While all laptops have built-in cooling systems, the Port Designs Laptop CoolFan Stand (£29 inc. VAT) adds an extra breath of fresh air.

Connecting to any available USB port, the CoolFan acts as a laptop stand with a difference. When your laptop is sat on top, the concave design allows air to freely circulate beneath the chassis and push warm air out to the sides, while the angled stand puts your keyboard at a more natural typing position.

Rubber grips keep your laptop fixed firmly to the stand but, unfortunately, no such support fixes the stand to your desktop. Although some users may be put off by the slight noise that the fan generates, this is nevertheless a unique and functional cooling system.