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Shoppers to keep reward points in their phones

DoCoMo phones
Japanese phones have multiple RFID functions already

In a world of uncertainty, RFID technology is one of the safest bets to succeed that there is, with news of new deployments coming along almost every day.

The latest RFID scheme with success seemingly nailed on is a trial in Japan that allows shoppers to combine multiple shopping point cards onto a single chip in their mobile phones.

Secure data

The 'Gyazapo' pilot is being run by NTT Communications, a firm with obvious links to NTT DoCoMo, Japan's largest mobile network.

Participants in the trial, which will run in the first half of next year, use a Gyazapo terminal to first register their various plastic reward cards, then to transfer the data securely to their RFID-equipped phones.

Convenience the key

Downloaded software called Key Shuttle then manages the points within the phone, keeping each set separate and available for use or updating when visiting the appropriate store in future.

Aside from being incredibly convenient for users, Gyazapo also promises to save on the tons of plastic that go into making reward cards every year.