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RIM exploring licensing out BB10 platform

RIM exploring licensing out BB10 platform
Is it a game changing move from RIM?

Thorsten Heins, RIM CEO, has confirmed the company is looking to license its forthcoming new mobile OS.

The BB10 OS is set to launch in Q1 2013, but Heins said at RIM's AGM that new opportunities are being explored:

"We are looking at licensing the BB10 platform; we are evaluating partnerships and models.

"This will not just be in smartphones, but other segments too and [possibly] into the domain of mobile computing."


Heins did talk about BBM, which is subject to rumours of a possible licensing deal with other manufactures, which doesn't seem to be on the cards:

"We have a very strong base of 78 million subscribers and we will leverage that. The way we will do that is to focus on the BBM platform, and on BlackBerry integrated consumer services using this platform to help continue our growth with the 56 million BBM subscribers."

If RIM does license out the platform, it will be a big change for the firm that believed so strongly in vertical integration – but could be the move needed to help it recover from the previously well-documented issues.