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Orange goes green with wind-power charger

An environmentally-friendly wind-powered mobile phone charger that can clip on to a tent is being introduced by Orange at this year's Glastonbury Festival .

Orange is going green with the Orange Mobile Wind Charger, a portable phone charger powered by wind energy. It weighs 150g in total, so it'll fit into your rucksack, and fixes onto a tent via a mounting bracket. The Mobile Wind Charger's turbine stores power in the unit's control box. So you can plug in and charge up when you're ready.

The Orange Mobile Wind Charger is being introduced in prototype form at the Glastonbury Festival, which runs from 22-24 June. Orange has worked with Professor Shashank Priya at the University of Texas at Arlington to develop the Orange Mobile Wind Charger.

Fully-functioning models of the Orange Mobile Wind Charger will be displayed at Glastonbury. But an Orange spokesperson told that the operator was unable to indicate when it would be commercially launched.