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MI5 to email public about terrorist threats

MI5 is to consider sending terror threat level info by text message in the future

UK security service MI5 has started a service where the public can receive emails about current terrorist warnings, the Government has announced.

Anyone can sign up for MI5 email notifications on national security, and any changes in the terror threat levels against the UK.

"The idea behind it is part of MI5's effort to improve communication with the public about the work it does," a Home Office spokesperson said. "People will be notified of any changes to the website and given updates on the national security level."

Information on the threat level to the UK can also be found on UK Intelligence Community Online .

There are five levels of threat to the national critical infrastructure, ranging from low to critical. It is currently set at 'severe', the second-highest ranking, where 'an attack is highly likely'.

The Home Office spokesperson added that it is considering the idea of making terror alerts available by text message in the future.