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CNBC joins ROK mobile TV line-up

ROK TV's mobile TV streaming service will now be carrying CNBC Europe

CNBC Europe is the latest TV channel to appear on ROK TV's mobile TV line-up.

Business and finance news service CNBC Europe will join the ROK TV channel roster, which is available as a streamed mobile TV service on many GPRS-enabled phones as well as 3G mobiles.

ROK TV is a mobile TV platform that provides a selection of on-demand programmes and live streamed channels. The ROK TV application can be downloaded and viewed on a wide range of phones, independent of mobile operators' own mobile TV offerings. (Although a flat rate operator data package is recommended to keep associated data streaming costs down).

As well as being a network independent service, ROK TV is carried by 30 mobile operators worldwide.

"ROK TV is a great partner for us to deploy our channel into dozens of mobile operators around the world, because of its international reach, and because it is not limited to 3G operators," commented Martin Kay of CNBC.