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Nintendo trademarks point to a future GameCube Classic Mini

Nintendo has been raking it in with its ever-popular retro console revivals and it seems the company has plans for a GameCube Classic Mini as well.

Nintendo has applied for three new GameCube trademarks in Japan related to video game programs and video game machines according to a Japanese Nintendo report. Supposedly the trademarks are strictly related to ‘video gaming’ and not ‘general merchandising,’ which leads us to believe this mini GameCube won’t just be a piece of memorabilia, but a working console.

If the trademarks lead to an actual GameCube Classic Edition, we imagine that Super Smash Bros Melee, Luigi’s Mansion, Pikmin, Super Mario Sunshine, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and Metroid Prime could all be suitable choices for pre-loaded games. Outside of Nintendo’s own franchises there are also plenty of third-party hits such as Beyond Good and Evil, Soulcalibur II, Skies of Arcadia, Viewtiful Joe and Resident Evil 4 that made a big splash on the original GameCube.

A GameCube Classic Mini seems inevitable given the runaway success of the Nintendo and Super Nintendo Classic Mini.

Of course, it might seem like Nintendo is jumping the gun, as we haven’t even seen the Nintendo 64 Classic Mini yet. But given that Nintendo filed European trademarks for a N64 Mini last year and then Japanese patents this May, it's likely to still be on the cards.

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Kevin Lee

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