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T3's ideal phone concept making waves

T3's ideal phone
T3's ideal phone

Our colleagues at T3 are currently striving to get their vision of the perfect mobile phone designed, and 3,000 people have already signed up to their crusade.

Suggesting that current mobile phone manufacturers are failing to tick all the boxes, T3's vision of perfection includes a rubberised touchscreen keyboard and a handy slot for keeping you headphones out of the way when you aren't using the phone to play music.

There's also a mini pop-out phone that you can keep on your wrist like Dick Tracy for when you only want phone functionality.

Deserve better

"Consumers deserve better mobile phones than what's available currently, and as all the technology we've featured in the 01 Phone is possible, we don't see why manufacturers can't build something similar," T3 Online's News Editor Kat Hannaford told TechRadar.

"Hence why T3 and The Alloy have teamed up to create the 01 Phone, as we're sick of sub-standard handsets. Sign our campaign to get the 01 Phone made, and show the mobile industry that you expect more for what you pay for."

They've got lots of piccies over at the T3 website, and more than 3,000 signatures on the campaign – so if it sounds like your kind of concept thing then head on over and take a look.