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Rumour: Death of the VoodooPC

Will the Voodoo Envy ever make it to European shores?
Will the Voodoo Envy ever make it to European shores?

Just as we were getting excited about the possibility of Hewlett Packard launching its ultra trendy VoodooPC brand in Europe, rumours start circulating that the company may be looking to can the brand.

Techgage claims to have credible evidence to support the rumour, having seen internal email conversations regarding lay-offs at the company.

TechRadar is currently taking the news with a massive pinch of salt, particularly as the company has only recently launched its sleek and powerful desktop Omen and laptop Envy lines in the US.

Confusing messages

Gizmodo were told the following (slightly confusing message) by Voodoo founder Rahul Sood that:

"HP is working on a plan to better leverage its existing resources to bring Voodoo products to market faster and make them more accessible to consumers.

"I can assure you that Voodoo employees and champions of the brand will continue to work on the conceptualisation, design and development of Voodoo products."

Which seems to indicate that the Voodoo brand is here to stay after all, though there is still a question mark over what is going to happen to the current manufacturing plans for the Omen and Envy machines.