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OLPC laptops could cost less than £50 in Europe

OLPC coming next week to Europe
OLPC coming next week to Europe

XO laptops, formerly the One Laptop Per Child Scheme (OLPC), will be coming to Europe from Monday 17 November.

They will initially cost around £260, allowing you to buy a laptop and give another one free to under-privileged children in developing nations.

The G1G1 scheme has already enjoyed some success over in the US, and has signed up e-retailing behemoth Amazon to help distribute the units.

No dual boot

However, the founder of the scheme, Nicholas Negroponte, has said the dual boot versions of the laptops, with Windows XP and the company's own Sugar OS, will not be made available. He also said that the cost could eventually fall as low as £45 for the devices.

However, the laptops currently cost £125 over in the US at the moment, which begs the question as to why they cost so much more over in Europe.

The fierce competition from netbooks has meant the scheme has struggled to attract the non-philanthropic, but has still raised a fair wedge of cash for the laptop-less in the third world.