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Amazon already has a bunch of cheap phones in the lead up to Black Friday

Amazon Black Friday phone deals
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By now, it's pretty much a fact that Black Friday is the ideal time to score yourself a cheap phone deal. But with a few weeks still standing between us and the biggest saving event of the year, what do those on a short time frame do? Simple, consult Amazon's never ending collection of budget mobile phones.

Of course, never-ending might be a strong wrong word, but with handsets as low as £14.99, market leading prices  across a range of phones and even deals on the latest and greatest like the iPhone 11 and OnePlus 7T Pro - you will have plenty to choose from.

And while Amazon has a number of cheap phones, we understand that every person's budget and ideal phone is different. With this in mind, we've spent some time scrolling through Amazon's best sellers and picked out the top choices at each budget. Or, head straight to Amazon to compare all of the choices next to each other.

Amazon's best budget phones:

1. Sub-£20 - Nokia 105

Nokia 105 from | SIM-free | £15.33
In a world where phones easily exceed the £1,000+ price point, seeing £15.33 next to a phone looks more like a pricing error than an accurate cost. And yet, this is correct. Don't get us wrong, this is by no means a market leading phone - it has no camera, no browser capability and the screen is tiny. But come on, it's £15! Plus, the battery life seems to never end and its lightweight and small nature will be perfect for folk heading to festivals.
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2. Sub-£150 - Samsung Galaxy A10

Samsung Galaxy A10 from | SIM-free | £123.78
Obviously, going from a price tag of just £15.33 all the way up to £123.78 seems like an astronomical price jump but the A10 is very much still a budget phone. That £100 or so jump up from the Nokia gets you a lot - a massive 34000mAh battery, a 6.2-inch LCD screen, a front and back camera, it even has a surprisingly powerful processor. For this price, you'll be hard-pressed to find anything better.
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3. Sub-£175 - Motorola Moto G7 Power

Moto G7 Power from | SIM-free | £159.95
The name gives this phone's secret super power away. With one of the largest battery's on the market, it can outlast the vast majority of flagships. It even has a pretty decent processor for gaming and streaming. But, at a price well under £200 and packed with a massive battery, expect a clunky and heavy device.
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4. Sub-£200 - Samsung Galaxy A40

Samsung Galaxy A40 from | SIM-free | £178.99
Amazon's number 1 best seller in the SIM-free department and it is clear to see why. The Samsung Galaxy A40 comes in at £178.99 while still managing to offer a sizeable Full HD+ display, premium design, dual camera set-up and an impressive battery/processor. We'd argue that this will be the best option for you under £200.
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4. Sub-£500 - iPhone 8

iPhone 8 from | SIM-free | £479
Is it really a list of phones without Apple? When it comes to budget devices, normally no...Apple wouldn't make the list. But, the iPhone 8 has been steadily decreasing in price since we saw the release of the iPhone 11. Mixing affordability with high-level Apple specs, this will be ideal for the Apple fan wanting a cheap upgrade. Willing to go refurbished? Amazon can cut the price down to £308.59.
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6. Sub-£550 - OnePlus 7T

OnePlus 7T from | SIM-free | £549
Realistically, we're starting to fall out of the definition of 'budget phones' with this device. Coming in at £549, the OnePlus 7T might cost a lot more than the options above but considering what you get with this phone, that price tag actually feels pretty affordable compared to its competitors. It has a beautiful screen with a 90Hz refresh rate, incredible performance, a triple camera set-up - essentially too many great features to cover here. For more, read our full OnePlus 7T review.
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