Samsung TV, Roku, Tubi and Amazon Freevee are about to get more great free Lionsgate movies

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The selection of movies on your favorite streaming service is about to get a whole lot more exciting thanks to a new partnership between Lionsgate and Ebony Media Group, the company behind Ebony magazine. 

The new Ebony TV service will have access to Lionsgate's massive library of movies and shows, with some very big names: Denzel Washington, Forest Whitaker, Tessa Thompson, Dwayne Johnson and many, many more.

The new channel is launching today on Samsung TV Plus and it'll be coming to more of the best streaming services by the end of the month including Amazon's Freevee, The Roku Channel and Tubi.

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Ebony TV is all about FAST shows

The move is the latest expansion of Lionsgate's FAST (Free Ad-Supported TV) catalog, which already includes 12 channels including content from MovieSphere, HerSphere and OuterSphere as well as more focused channels such as Ghost Hunters and Nashville. 

The team-up with Ebony is important, because as Lionsgate's head of domestic channels, Susan Hummel, says: "Ebony is the perfect partner to help bring our expansive library to a demographic that has been previously underserved in the FAST space." Ebony is also home to the Ebony Power 100 Gala, an annual celebration of the most influential African American people in the arts, business, politics, technology, medicine and science.

According to Variety, some of the initial programming you can expect includes The Great Debaters, starring Denzel Washington and Forest Whitaker; Snitch, featuring Dwayne Johnson; Dear White People, starring Tessa Thompson; If Beale Street Could Talk; Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad All by Myself; and Jackie Brown, starring Pam Grier. The channel will also feature shows such as Are We There Yet? and Kevin Hart: What the Fit.

Expect more partnerships like this: FAST is a very fast-growing and incredibly competitive industry sector, and the companies involved are still jockeying for position in the hope of being the ad-supported equivalent of Netflix – something that the ad-supported Netflix tier is quite keen on being too. 

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