Netflix shark movie Under Paris hailed as ‘Jaws set in France’ by impressed viewers

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Under Paris is the latest release in an endless sea of shark movies. On the surface, it may look like another over the top take on the shark as an adversary story like Sharknado or 6-Headed Shark Attack (yes that’s a thing… Google it if you don’t believe me), but Under Paris has surprised Netflix subscribers. 

The movie first got attention on social media with people pointing out it was eerily close to reality. The plot focuses on a massive shark lurking in France’s river Seine just days before the World Triathlon Championships and considering the Paris 2024 Olympics is kicking off this summer, it may put those competing in water-based sports on edge.

Despite all that, those tuning in to Under Paris were left pleasantly surprised by the movie with many of them pointing out similarities to Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster hit Jaws, which we rate as the second best film from the seasoned director. That’s high praise indeed, and a lot of it comes down to the talented team behind the film. 

Why are Netflix subscribers loving Under Paris? 

Twitter has been particularly complimentary about Under Paris’ director Xavier Gens. If you’re not familiar with Gens’ work, he’s got quite a diverse filmography. He directed three episodes of the AMC Plus series Gangs of London, the 2007 movie adaptation of Hitman, and contributed to horror anthology movie The ABCs of Death, where he took the lead on the segment X is for XXL – which is my personal favourite, funnily enough.

Elsewhere, one viewer has called it “Jaws with a French accent”, which is about as high a compliment as you can get. They weren’t the only one either, with many flocking to the site with similar praises.

There are even requests being made for a sequel, praising Gens for his “fantastic nods to Jaws”. Move over Bruce, it looks like Under Paris’ affectionately named Lilith is the shark people can’t stop talking about.

Elsewhere, fans pointed out similarities between the famous (and hated) Larry Vaughn in Jaws, with another movie lover saying they “nailed the dumb mayor character”, so these little nods to the classic movie have not gone unnoticed. 

Under Paris offers a look at something far scarier than the famous catacombs lurking under the French capital, and with people asking for more, perhaps the horrors will continue. It seems this new surprisingly well-favoured shark movie is absolutely worth your time.

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