Apple TV Plus’ Margo’s Got Money Troubles series is ‘set in the world of OnlyFans with a wrestling twist'

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Nicole Kidman (pictured above in Faraway Downs) will star in the upcoming Apple TV Plus series. (Image credit: Hulu)

Apple TV Plus is set to add an exciting new series called Margo’s Got Money Troubles to its portfolio that will star Elle Fanning (The Roads Not Taken, Neon Demon) and Nicole Kidman in leading roles, according to Deadline

Based on a soon-to-be-published book by author Rufi Thorpe, Margo’s Got Money Troubles will follow the story of Margo Millet (played by Elle Fanning), a young woman with a Hooters waitress mother and ex-professional wrestler father called Jinx. Deadline describes the upcoming series as "set in the world of OnlyFans with a wrestling twist" and if that hasn't piqued your interests enough, then the plot for it surely will.  

The story goes like this: Margo enrolls at a junior college and ends up having an affair with one of her professors, which leads to her getting pregnant. As she grapples with the responsibilities of young adulthood, including caring for a baby without a job and on the brink of eviction, she decides to launch an OnlyFans account as a last ditch attempt to make money. Guided by her estranged father Jinx’s wrestling wisdom, she becomes an online sensation but then must deal with the complexities that come from internet stardom and a life lived online.

There’s no official word about when to expect the Margo’s Got Money Troubles series, but Rufi Thorpe’s book will be released by HarperCollins imprint William Morrow on June 11.

Another A24-produced series? We’ll take it

Deadline reports that Apple TV Plus outbid a number of competitors, including Netflix, to acquire Margo’s Got Money Troubles, underscoring Apple’s commitment to adding high-quality content to its streaming platform, and pulling in exciting new stories and big names to make sure it’s a success.

But will it be a success? It’s too early to tell. But it certainly bodes well that Margo’s Got Money Troubles has been greenlit for a straight-to-series order. It also has an impressive production team, including Kidman as executive producer, David E. Kelley as showrunner and potential co-writer, as well as Elle and Dakota Fanning’s Lewellen Pictures, with A24 as the studio handling production duties. 

If that name sounds familiar, it’s because A24 already has a track record for producing some of the best TV shows of the past few years, as it’s the studio behind hit TV shows Beef on Netflix and HBO’s Euphoria. It also produced and distributed some of our favorite movies, too, like Everything, Everywhere All At Once and Midsommar.

This is the latest in a string of exciting new projects from A24. In late 2023, Variety reported that the studio had bought the rights to Paris Hilton's recent book, Paris: The Memoir, with similar plans to adapt it into a series. Just like Margo’s Got Money Troubles, both Elle and Dakota Fanning are lined up to executive produce the series about Paris' life as Lewellen Pictures. 

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