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Patriot Viper PC3-10600 1,333MHZ review

Impressive performance on a budget

Patriot Viper PC3-10600 1,333MHZ
Patriot Viper PC3-10600 1,333MHZ


  • Good price
  • Effective cooling
  • Decent performance

Although running slower than the Corsair Dominator PC3-1200 kit, these Viper modules still put in a very impressive performance.

We usually don't tend to rate on looks, we also think they're the best looking modules on test.

The heatsink's fins have a huge surface area, so you can push the clock quite high before heat becomes an issue.

While not quite on a par with the Corsair Dominators, the Viper's performance is far superior to many other 4GB kits in terms of throughput, though the read speed result was one of the lowest we tested, but that was mainly due to the lower clock.

Still, if you're planning on running a rocking Core i7 board and want triple-channel goodness on a budget this 6GB kit so represents a real bargain.