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Wind trapped, emerges as LuvBook mini laptop

A Wind by any other name is just as sweet
A Wind by any other name is just as sweet

By now, word of Yet Another Wonder Netbook (YAWN) is hardly stuff to get the pulse racing, but at least we can report that some have slightly more interesting names than the jumble of letters most companies use.

For example, one Japanese PC retailer has decided to resell MSI's Wind and rebrand it rather daringly as the LuvBook – good on you for being different, Mouse Computer.

The usual, one suspects

Although it's really just a rebadge, the LuvBook is likely to do well in Japan, as Mouse has a considerable reputation for shifting truckloads of its low-end computers.

The specs on the ¥59,800 (£280) machine are nothing unusual – 1.16kg, three hours of battery life, 10.2-inch screen, 1GB of RAM, 80GB hard drive and a 1.6GHz Atom CPU.

Naturally, at that point of the market Windows XP is the OS of choice; MS Office is available for an extra £100 or so. Don't all rush.