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AC adapters to disappear in new laptops

Jumbo-sized power adapters could soon disappear

The days of the ugly power bricks we need to lug around with laptop computers could be numbered, thanks to a breakthrough in transistor design from Fujitsu in Japan.

According to the company's researchers, the innovative gallium-nitride (GaN) transistor they have created can be used in a new kind of much smaller power supply unit.

Lightened load

The company says the GaN transistor's main purpose will be to cut both power consumption and loss in electronic equipment, but the knock-on effect will be much more physically apparent to the typical consumer.

Researcher Toshihide Kikkawa explained: "In five years, we will be able to develop technology to remove AC adapters from computers."

In other words, the power supply unit will join the other components inside future laptops, leaving just a dangling cable to plug into a power socket.

Via Mainichi