Vodafone 555 Blue review

Keeping you connected without phone contract commitments

Vodafone 555 Blue
Facebook is the main draw on this no-contract feature phone

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Again, as with everything else on the Vodafone 555 Blue, the phone's internet browsing capabilities are limited to what a very casual user might need. Connectivity is a bit rubbish, with just 2G, Bluetooth and no Wi-Fi. No Wi-Fi – on a Pay-and-Go phone!

The HTC ChaCha has 3G, Wi-Fi and a USB port, so obviously the Vodafone 555 Blue was never intended for any sort of greatness in its market.

The handset comes with an Opera Mini browser and there are several issues that hamper any decent usage: the processor, the 2.4-inch screen and the touchpad navigation. It takes an absolute age to load anything, and needless to say there are no Flash or video capabilities.

Vodaphone 555 blue review

When you open the browser, however, links shared by your Facebook contacts are all rounded up and waiting for you to read, which is a nice little feature.

On the screen the colours are bright, although imagery gets a little pixelated when you start to zoom in too far.

Vodaphone 555 blue review

The internet capabilities of the Vodafone 555 Blue are very definitely aimed at light usage markets, and it's not about to set anything on fire.

It copes fine with standard usage – maybe for someone who just wants to catch up on the news or Google something now and again, when they can tear themselves away from their Facebook feed. However, it's slow to load, and who can say if the target UK audience will have the patience to wait for it?