Vodafone 555 Blue review

Keeping you connected without phone contract commitments

Vodafone 555 Blue
Facebook is the main draw on this no-contract feature phone

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The contacts book is one of the few impressive things about the Vodafone 555 Blue. With its deep Facebook integration, the contacts setup is reminiscent of an Android phone, merging both SIM and Facebook contacts into one lovely list.

The contacts view is populated with friends' Facebook profile pictures, and reaching the actual profiles themselves from the contacts view is quick and easy.

Vodaphone 555 blue review

The phone even managed to match up some SIM contacts to their Facebook profiles, despite the fact that they were listed under different names – which is something that even actual smartphones often have a problem with. If there are a few doubled contacts, however, simply manually 'merge to Facebook' and you're all set.

Dipping into profiles from the contacts list, you're presented with the standard Facebook information – Info, Wall posts, Photos and Likes and interests.

Vodaphone 555 blue review

For some reason, not all of a contact's information is held here, however, and opting to see the full profile will take you out of the app and into the Opera Mini browser, which breaks up the experience a little. Still, it's fairly great integration for such a standard phone.

To call a contact, all you have to do is find their name and press the call softkey. There's also smart dialing – begin to type a contact's name and it will bring up their information, which is always handy.

Vodaphone 555 blue review

There's a separate Favourites list for your most-contacted friends, plus a Phone list that separates out your purely SIM-held contacts, should you need them.

Vodaphone 555 blue review

Although Facebook profile integration is still a factor in the phone list, it's nice to be able to see the contacts whose phone numbers you didn't get by pure accident of it happening to be included on their profile.

Calling is fairly standard on the phone – connectivity is fine and the speaker emits a loud, clear sound. Shortcutting to your last-dialled numbers can be done by clicking the call key, and a voicemail tab is also included in the call log.

Vodaphone 555 blue review