Samsung Galaxy Ace review

Is the little brother in the Galaxy range an Ace up Samsung's sleeve?

Samsung Galaxy Ace GT- S5830
The definitive Samsung Galaxy Ace GT- S5830 review

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Samsung Galaxy Ace

Failing to meet the HD standards that are today a prerequisite on mid-market smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy Ace lines up with a maximum video recording resolution of just 640 x 480p and 24fps - a standard that is somewhat behind the rapidly progressing times.

Enjoying your footage on larger screens isn't a great experience at all. In fact, don't do it.

Struggling to regulate colours, shooting video on the Samsung Galaxy Ace in anything other than pure, untainted, faultless lighting such as a cloudless bright day is a recipe for troublesome output and a distorted appearance.

Watch our video sample from when we tested the Samsung Galaxy Ace when it was first released:

samsung galaxy ace

Often erring on the side of caution, the handset's colour management systems appear to often over-expose video content, giving footage an unwanted artificial yellow hue.

While struggling at times on the imaging aspect of video recording, a pleasant surprise in the Samsung Galaxy Ace's bag of tricks was its abilities to capture strong, clear sound when shooting video footage, offering good directional absorption and the isolation of unwanted background noise.

Usefully, there's a a rolling memory count, which tells you how much space on that puny 2GB card you're lapping up while you film.

Watch our video sample from when we tested the Samsung Galaxy Ace a year after its initial release:

samsung galaxy ace