Samsung Galaxy Tab review

The first major Android tablet release arrives to challenge the iPad

Samsung Galaxy Tab
Can the Galaxy Tab carry the torch for Android tablets everywhere?

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The Galaxy Tab's rear-facing lens can also record video, which is a big positive, although unfortunately that's pretty much where the good news ends.

There's no HD recording - the resolution of your recordings is fixed at 720x480, and you're given the option to choose either 'fine' or 'normal' as far as recording quality goes. We recorded our sample using the highest setting, but the results were still mostly disappointing.

In comparison to most of the top smartphones out there, as well as HD video-shooting gadgets like the iPod touch 4G, footage is decidedly average.


The Tab records at 30fps and so the handling of motion isn't too bad. But like our stills shots, quality isn't great. Colours are washed out, and contrast is quite poor indeed. Even compared to something like the iPod touch 4G, the Galaxy Tab's video quality is not great.

We also found that while the Galaxy Tab's microphone is actually very good at recording sound, it's located in a pretty inconvenient place. When holding the Tab for shooting video, we preferred to grip it on either side with the thumb and index fingers of our left and right hand...

samsung galaxy tab

However, this resulted in us covering up the microphone with our left thumb - we had to keep reminding ourselves not to do it.

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