Acer Iconia Tab A210

The Android browser is fine, though we're not sure why it exists when Google has Chrome

Since we use a lot of Google-made services - including Gmail - and the A210 is an Android device, we immediately visited the Google Play store to download the Chrome browser. However, the A210 comes with the vanilla Android browser, which is almost as good - though we don't pretend to understand why it still exists. The latter boasts almost as good integration, with a sign-in and automatic loading-up of bookmarks, though it is possible to set the navigational bar to swap search engine from Google to Ask Jeeves, Yahoo! or, err, Bing.

In use the A210 does the job, zipping between websites using either browser, and allowing backflips, new tabs ad infinitum and video - both SD and HD - load-ups and playback without any complaints.