Acer Iconia Tab A210

Battery life is the one are where the A210 can't match Samsung

This is probably the major area where the A210 doesn't compare well with its biggest rival the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.

Saddled with a 3260mAh battery that's about half as clever as Samsung's 7,000mAh battery, the A210 managed only six hours of video. Indeed, our 90-minute Nyan Cat test forced the A210's battery down from fully charged to just 81 per cent. Mind you, that's a tad better than the Google Nexus 10.

Acer Iconia Tab A210

The pop-up menu helps you manage battery consumption

Still, we do like the option to easily de-activate certain features, and the pop-up taskbar gives options to turn off the likes of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and Notifications - or just engage Airplane mode - with single presses.

Fully charged, we were able to use the A210 intermittently through the day to browse and check email without too much of a worry about its battery, though by late afternoon it needed some power - and sadly its proprietary cable is very short, ruling out any browsing while charging.

Acer Iconia Tab A210

The SunSpider test showed the A210 doing better than average for an Android tablet

In our SunSpider benchmark test of the default Android browser (and, indirectly, of the processor, too), the A10 scored an average of 1302.7ms - that's significantly above average for a budget Android tablet - while the browser earned a pretty average score of 443 from the Peacekeeper browser test.

Qualcomm's Vellamo app-based browser test for HTML 5 and all'round 'metal' produced a score of 1,384 and 356 respectively, which ranked the A210 in fifth place behind a few Android smart phones, but above the Sony Tablet S and Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9.