Abit Fatal1ty F-190HD ATI

The Intel-friendly ATI board

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Our Verdict

A good home cinema choice - pity it may be the last of a dying breed


  • Home cinema friendly


  • Only average chipset performance

This could be the last time you see an Intel-supporting motherboard based on an ATI chipset in the wild. Thanks to the acquisition of ATI by Intel's sworn enemy AMD, odds are its motherboard chipset roadmaps have been ruthlessly culled of Intel-compatible game.

And that's a shame because choice breeds competition and this board has plenty to recommend it. Most notable is the presence of an HDMI port.

Combined with the onboard X1250 integrated graphics, it allows this Abit mobo to fire out a fully HDCP-compliant signal to a secondary display. The board's micro ATX form factor further adds to its HTPC credentials.

As for the ATI 690G, well, it's not the highest performing and it doesn't boast the most headroom. But that won't bother home cinema buffs.