Deepcool Fiend Shark review

Freaky name, chunky design, weak cooling. Shame.

Deepcool Fiend Shark
A cooler the size of a helicopter...

TechRadar Verdict

Looks impressive but unfortunately suffers performance wise, like most top-coolers do, in comparison with their tower cooling competitors.


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It may look like a jet turbine on top of your CPU, but can the Deepcool Fiend Shark live up to its platform cooling claims?

Right then first things first, we must be honest, we don't get the name either. But someone at Deepcool obviously has an attraction to sea life as there is a Tiger Shark and a couple of Killer Whale's in their product line-up too.

You just know by the sheer size of the box it comes in that the Fiend Shark is a bit special, but even so, its size may still surprise you, as will the care taken with the way the contents are packed.

It certainly puts most other cooler manufacturer's to shame in that respect, with its fixing components all having their own separate space in the two plastic packing trays.

It's a beast of a thing and certainly the biggest top-cooler we have seen for quite a while, and it certainly looks the part with its bright blue 140mm cooling fan and nickel plated heat-pipes and cooling fin array.

Unfortunately though, when it comes to its performance, it doesn't quite live up to that billing.