Moto G6 review

The Motorola G is one of the best budget phones

Moto G6 review

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We’ve seen some big strides being made at the top end of the phone market this year, and while we’d expect to see some innovation in handsets costing more than $1,000 / £1,000 it’s encouraging to see progress at the affordable end of the market too.

Ever since the first iteration of the Moto G we’ve seen lots of innovation in this line, although the Moto G5 in 2017 wasn’t the biggest leap forward (the company followed it up with the Moto G5S just a few months later), so the Moto G6 is a return to form for Motorola.

Overall this is no match for a higher end phone, but it’s difficult to think of another phone in this price bracket with features normally reserved for more expensive devices, and which delivers such a complete experience.

Who’s this for?

There’s no doubt that the Moto G6 is designed for those who want a budget handset but still want a taste of the best technology on the market.

The Moto G6 gives you that, and if you’re looking for a premium-feeling phone on a budget you’ll be well satisfied.

If you’re after a great rear camera you won’t find it here, and the performance is okay rather than stellar, but everything else feels good and works well. The screen in particular looks great, and the 18:9 aspect ratio makes it feel even more premium than it is.

Should you buy it? 

Buy this phone if you’re after a good-looking device on a budget that has competent spec built-in too.

We’ve yet to review the Moto G6 Plus, but a lot of our criticisms of this phone seem to addressed on that phone, which has a higher-end chipset, a slightly better camera and a larger battery.

You may want to wait until we’ve reviewed the G6 Plus before pulling the trigger on a purchase, but the Moto G6 is still a great phone in its own right, and its combination of features and low price make it one of the best budget phones you can buy right now.


Don't think the Moto G6 is right for you? We've put together a selection of other phones you may prefer instead.

Moto G6 Play

Launched alongside the Moto G6, you may like the Moto G6 Play instead. The price is much lower and while the specs may be more limited, it comes with an even better battery that we found would last all day with a little bit extra leftover in the tank too.

It's no where near as powerful and doesn't have such a great rear camera as the Moto G6, but if battery and cost are two of your biggest concerns you may want to take a look at the Moto G6 Play. 

Honor 7X

One of the first phones to bring the 18:9 aspect ratio display to budget handsets, the Honor 7X is another great choice if you don't love what you've read about the Moto G6.

The things we love about it include that beautifully bright and sharp display, a premium feel metal design and the low price that's the same as the Moto G6. Be warned though; there's no fast-charging here or NFC, so you won't be able to use Google Pay.

Moto G5S Plus

It may be last year's phone, but the Moto G5S Plus may be a good option for your next cheap handset.

Last year we gave this phone 4.5 stars (just like the Moto G6) and cited the metal design and strong battery life as the biggest highlights of the handset. The camera can be a little bit slow, but that's a similar case on the Moto G6 too.

First reviewed: April 2018

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