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Solio Magnesium Edition review

Generate your own electricity

This charger is a great little device for those into space-conscious backpacking

Our Verdict

A very useful travel companion if you need to make an emergency call and your iPhone is out of juice


  • Effective
  • Compact
  • Well-made

This magnesium model solar charger is a big step up from Solio's bulky H1000 Hybrid product.

Instead of one long solar panel, the Mg Edition has three shorter solar panels that fan out and pack away in a small cocoon format, making the whole offering a better travel companion.

Range of connectors

In the box you get a range of USB adaptors for charging all major brands of mobile phones and a USB-out for charging iPods and the iPhone. The Solio stores the power it generates so you can charge your device overnight – it takes around eight hours to fill, depending on the weather.

This is a great little device for those into space-conscious backpacking. The Solio charger is a far better solution than those terrible onetime charge disposable batteries. For this reason alone, we are firm fans of the Solio Mg Edition.