Audi TT review

A sports car for all seasons that satisfies techno-lust

Audi TT

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The Audi TT test car came with the Bang & Olufsen (B&O) premium sound system option box checked. My previous experience with a factory B&O system in a $116,000 Audi A8L left me aurally unsatisfied, so I wasn't expecting much from the TT's $950 upgrade, but I've been proven wrong.

Bang & Olufsen loads up the TT with 12 speakers in a 3-way front stage (individual tweeters, mids and woofers), a 2-way center channel (tweeter and mid) and 2-way rear speakers. There isn't a dedicated subwoofer, but I don't miss it.

All the speakers are driven by a 14-channel digital amplifier capable of 680 watts. Now, you're probably wondering why there are more amp channels than speakers. That's because the in-door woofers responsible for playing all the low notes have two voice coils to receive twice the power for solid, thump-tastic bass.

Audi TT

I just discovered Lindsey Stirling when I had the TT, and spent most of the time in the car switching between her rendition of the Pokemon theme song and Phantom of the Opera. I enjoy the sound signature of the B&O system with her mix of violin-based EDM. The highs are detailed and crystal clear, the mids are warm and the low notes are tight, but hit hard.

I switched things up with some David Guetta, Calvin Harris and John Legend, too, and was impressed with every type of music played in the car. I rarely say this, but I would be perfectly happy with the B&O system in the TT, without adding any modifications or upgrades at all.

The B&O system also features active noise cancellation (ANC), which kept the interior of the TT whisper quiet. ANC is a feature I sometimes forget to appreciate, until I drive a mainstream car that is too loud to even hold a conversation. I have no trouble conversing with my wife and kids in the TT at a normal volume.

Driver assists

Audi doesn't offer many driver assists on the TT. The review car only had a blind spot monitor (BSM) and back up camera installed. The TT's BSM features a bright cluster of LED's mounted on the side mirrors that flash bright orange if there's a car in your blind spot. The LEDs are not mounted behind the mirror, but on the inner mirror housing.

I don't have a preference for the placement of the BSM indicator, as long as it's bright enough to catch my attention. The TT's BSM has no problems with that part and is hard to miss, unless you don't bother using your mirrors.

Audi TT

The backup camera in the TT takes some time to get used to. I'm accustomed to backup cameras displaying on the infotainment system display mounted high and center on the dashboard, but the TT sends the video feed to the LCD gauge cluster. It is weird to glance down at the gauge cluster to backup the car at first, but I adjusted quickly.

Adaptive cruise control (ACC), automatic emergency braking and lane keep assist are not available, unfortunately. I would've loved adaptive cruise control because the TT would be an ideal car to take on a road trip with your significant other. I love driving but there are many stretches on a long road trip that's fairly boring and easier to manage with ACC, especially city traffic.