Drift Stealth 2 review

Small and solid and built for no fuss action footage, the Stealth 2 has some smart features

Drift Stealth 2

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You cake a look at these sample videos to see how the Drift 2 handles different conditions and subjects.

Shooting in all resolutions the video quality remained consistent, showing a good amount of saturation, tone and detail. In slightly overcast conditions or when shooting indoors the quality of footage still looks great with good colour, tone and contrast and plenty of detail. In bright sunlight however, large areas of highly saturated colour quickly loose definition. In bright scenes the camera shows limited ability to capture a wide dynamic range with clouds burning out or suffering a pink or yellow tinging, and this restricted range also causes tonal detail to be lost. Footage captured in bright condition also has a warm hint that needs toning down during editing.

Within its limits, though the footage is high contrast and vibrant which does give it a pleasing look direct from camera.

Motion appears smooth with no dropped frames and as the speed of motion picks up our footage showed no signs of pixelation. The lens does a good job and gives the typical wide-angle action camera look. Taking a look towards the edges of the footage you are able to see softening of detail and signs of fringing but you'd generally expect from an action camera.

Garmin and GoPro offer their own software solutions but Drift suggest that you either use either iMovie or Sony MoviEZ both of which are relatively cheap and offer a fantastic range of editing tools.

We liked

The small size, compact design and the rotating lens make this camera incredibly easy to mount and this makes it stand out from its competitors. Features such as built in WiFi, the three hour battery life and car DVR make this camera very appealing.

We disliked

Footage in bright sunlight can suffer from a limited dynamic range. Frame rates are limited at 1080p to a standard 30fps and you need to drop to 720p in order to access 60fps, so creative footage options are limited. Despite featuring Wi-Fi the lack of real time live view for shooting stills can be an issue and if you do want to venture into water then an additional waterproof housing is required, although it is relatively inexpensive.


The Drift Stealth 2 builds on the design features and usability of the Ghost-S, which is already a firm favourite with automotive enthusiasts, due to its discreet design and easy mounting options. The small size and weight now make what was a relatively heavy design with the Ghost-S a viable option for lighter weight vehicles and people. The stand out features are the lens design, which enables you to quickly adjust the orientation without the need for additional mounts, and the three hour battery life. Video quality is an issue in brighter conditions but many will like the added warmth and look of the high contrast footage.

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