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Kudos S50 review

A simple and sturdy speaker stand

Kudos have decided to go with a basic, but solid design with these stands

Our Verdict

A simple and practical support, suitable for smaller speakers, that offers good clear bass and also small improvements in the treble


  • Slightly improves treble
  • Good bass
  • Well made


  • Design a bit dull

We first heard of Kudos as a maker of speaker stands - decidedly upmarket at the time - some years ago.

The company's range is still small, but has expanded to include a rather natty-looking modular equipment rack and five loudspeaker models. This stand is a simple design very much aiming at robust rigidity.

Stable base

A triangular base plate offers good stability even on uneven floors, while the large-diameter pillar is extremely stiff. It's not by any means acoustically dead, however, and Kudos strongly recommends filling it with sand or another filler.

The top plate is small and, unusually, can be mounted either lengthways or sideways by using either of two pairs of countersunk holes. There's a small drawback in that the unused pair of holes allow sand to escape if the stand is ever tipped up! A spare pair of screws and nuts, or even some carefully applied Blu-tack, would sort that one out.

We found midrange and treble clear and open, but bass is decidedly more solid on other stands.

Effect on treble

Interestingly, we also became convinced we were hearing very slightly more open and airy treble from many discs: whether there's any real treble difference, or this is one of those cases where bass improvements aid treble sound, is anyone's guess.

The sound of low percussion and tuned instruments alike is powerful and stable and despite the small top plate this stand seems happy - sonically at least - even with quite large standmount speakers.