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Super Talent OverClock memory review

Forget the cheesy name - this is a serious performer

The Super Talent's heat spreaders use a thermal paste

Our Verdict

A decent budget alternative to Corsair chips


  • Strong performance


  • Supporting documentation is sparse

The silly-sounding Super Talent is another that uses heat-spreaders on its chips, but unlike Crucial's clip-on affairs, these use a layer of thermal paste to achieve better contact.

Of more interest is the fact that the Super Talent RAM sits alongside the Corsair memory in the top tier of performance. There's far less documentation than with other manufacturers, though, so you are somewhat in the dark in regards to how far you can push it.

Starting at 1.8V, we found that the speed could be upped to DDR2-1066 by increasing the juice to 2V. This was achieved by increasing latency timings to 5- 5-5-15, though Super Talent assures us that tighter latencies are still possible. Mike Abolins