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Rain Design i360 review

A lazy Susan for your Mac?

Rain Design i360
The Rain Design i360 allows you to spin your Apple display through 360 degrees

Our Verdict

Functional and attractive, but unnecessary for trivial adjustments


  • 360 degree rotation
  • Solid build


  • Not a necessity

Everybody with an Apple display or an iMac (G5 or later), grab the sides of your screen and rotate it right and left on the spot. Not difficult, is it? If all you need to do is occasionally adjust its position for comfort, you don't need an i360.

But what if you regularly need to turn your display, or you need easy access to the ports on its reverse? Then the Rain Design i360, a rotating turntable that fits over the foot of your Apple display or iMac, could well be for you.

It's a sturdy beast, with a heavy-duty metal base and an upper made of plastic. It's easy to fit using the supplied Allen key and, when fitted, it won't slide around on your desk. It will, however, let you rotate at will, through 360 degrees if necessary…

The i360 does what it promises and does it well, but make sure you need it.