YouTube TV channels: Here's every available channel on YouTube TV

YouTube TV Channels

YouTube might be best known as the DIY destination for user-created clips, music videos, weird viral sensations, and other odd internet detritus — but YouTube TV is something very different.

YouTube TV is an over-the-top streaming solution for cord-cutters, bringing together 50+ popular cable and satellite networks for a flat fee of $40 a month. You can watch them on a wide array of internet-connected devices, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, computer, smart TV, streaming box, or Xbox One console. Furthermore, you can run three simultaneous streams, and it has unlimited cloud DVR functionality for recording shows to watch up to nine months later.

Google's service packs in a nice assortment of well-known channels from across the spectrum, and even has a few premium add-on options—but it still might be missing something you're really looking for. So good thing you came here to see the complete line-up of channels.

Thinking about replacing cable and switching to a cord-cutting option? Here's a look at all of the channels currently available via YouTube TV.

(Note that a handful of regional channels may not be available nationwide. Check the YouTube TV website to confirm your local selection.)

 Network Channels 

Competitor Sling TV might be hit-or-miss with local network channels, but YouTube TV thankfully provides the full load. You'll get the old-guard originals in ABC (American Idol, Modern Family), CBS (The Big Bang Theory, NCIS), and NBC (This is Us, Saturday Night Live), as well as Fox (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Empire) and The CW (Arrow, Riverdale).



- The CW

- Fox


 Sports Channels 

YouTube TV certainly doesn't skimp on sports channels, as you can see by the extensive list below. The good news is that all of the heavy-hitters are here: multiple ESPN channels, a trio of Fox Sports offerings, NBC's core sports channels, and plenty more. It shouldn't be hard to find a big game worth watching between all of these big sports juggernauts in the mix.

If you're a die-hard fan of certain sports and events, maybe you'll find a favorite in the MLB Network, NBA TV, Golf Channel, Tennis Channel, or Olympic Channel. Quite likely, however, channels like Boston's NESN, New York's YES, and the Seattle Sounders FC channel won't be available to you if you live well outside of each respective metro area.

- Big Ten Network

- CBS Sports Network



- ESPNews

- ESPN SEC Network


- Fox Sports

- FS1

- FS2

- Golf Channel

- MLB Network


- NBC Sports



- Olympic Channel

- Seattle Sounders FC


- Tennis Channel


 News Channels 

Looking for the headlines or eager for a certain kind of perspective? You should be able to find it on YouTube TV, thanks to this broad selection of news channels.

You'll find the latest headlines with CNN or HLN, while MSNBC and Fox News Channel are here for more liberal and conservative viewers, respectively. And if you want the news refreshingly slant-free and without an American-centric filter, then BBC World News might be your ideal destination.

- BBC World News



- Fox Business

- Fox News Channel




- Newsy


(Image credit: Archer / FX)

This is a broad category, and that's definitely true when you look at the list below. But variety is, as they say, the spice of life and there's a little something for everyone here. All of these channels offer a mixed array of content, including original TV series, movies, and syndicated reruns, albeit with different themes.

Some of the standout channels in the bunch include FX (The Americans, Atlanta) and FXX (Archer, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia), Bravo (Top Chef), IFC (Portlandia), AMC (The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul), and the dual punch of TBS and TNT.

Signing up for YouTube TV also earns you access to YouTube Red originals, which tend to be more offbeat shows, documentaries, and movies, some of which are higher-production-level offerings from existing YouTube personalities (like PewDiePie and Poppy).


- BBC America

- Bravo

- Comet

- Decades

- E!

- Freeform

- FX



- MyNetworkTV

- Pop TV

- SundanceTV

- SyFy



- TruTV


- WeTV

- YouTube Red

 Kids Channels 

Disney is well-represented on YouTube TV thanks to a trio of different networks: the core Disney Channel (The Descendants), Disney Junior (the new Muppet Babies) for even younger viewers, and Disney XD (Star Wars Rebels) for a slightly older kid audience.

Meanwhile, Cartoon Network fits into this category by day, but by nighttime it's Adult Swim for more mature viewers. And you'll also get Universal Kids in the mix, which has current kid cartoon favorites like Floogals and Caillou.

- Cartoon Network

- Disney Channel

- Disney Junior

- Disney XD

- Universal Kids

 Movie Channels 

While many of the entertainment channels above show movies here and there, YouTube TV has a couple of included channels that are all about movies all the time. Between FXM and Turner Classic Movies, along with everything else in the package, you should be able to find a compelling flick when you need it.


- Turner Classic Movies

 Educational Channels 

These channels focus on real-life subjects, from animals and nature to documentaries of all sorts. Pop on one of these when you want to learn something while vegging out on the couch.

- Nat Geo Wild

- National Geographic

- Smithsonian Channel

 Spanish-Language Channels 

YouTube TV offers up a pair of Spanish-language channels—Telemundo and NBC Universo—each of which delivers a variety of programming.

- Telemundo

- NBC Universo

 Premium Add-ons 

Not getting enough from your $40 package? Don't mind spending a bit more for some choice extras? Luckily, YouTube has a few premium add-on channels available at present.

The biggest of the bunch is arguably Showtime, which features both movies and a slate of original shows, plus there's Fox Scoccer Plus, horror channel Shudder, and Sundance Now, which serves up even more indie shows and films beyond the standard Sundance Channel.

- Fox Soccer Plus ($15/mo)

- Showtime ($11/mo)

- Shudder ($5/mo)

- Sundance Now ($7/mo)