Your Huawei Watch is about to get faster with new Wear OS

The original Huawei Watch and Huawei Watch 2 are two of the best Wear OS watches (originally Android Wear) products released on Google's operating system, and each is about to get a touch better.

A new version of Wear OS (version 2.17) is coming to both the original device and the latter watch from the company. If you own one, you should be able to download the Wear OS update now.

It brings with it a variety of new UI changes for both watches as well as overall improved speed. That's according to the first few who received it and noted so to Android Police as Huawei hasn't included a change log with the new update.

Years of support

The improved interface means you're now able to swipe right on the watch face to access Google Fit and left to find the Google Assistant. There may be other improvements that haven't been discovered by users yet.

Considering the original Huawei Watch came out in 2015, it's both surprising and reassuring to know the company is continuing to support software updates now the devices have switched from Android Wear to the newer Wear OS platform.

Huawei just announced another new smartwatch called the Watch GT, but this doesn't run Wear OS and instead includes the company's own software.

James Peckham

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