How to download Wear OS 2.1 update to your smartwatch

Get yourself the latest Wear OS now


Google officially renamed its Android Wear operating system to the cleaner Wear OS earlier this year, and we've since seen a more recent update to the software that brings in an even easier to use interface.

The best part? The update could be coming to your smartwatch very soon, or you may already be able to download it.

Below we're going to talk you through how you can download the Wear OS 2.1 update and whether your smartwatch is able to upgrade to the latest version of the smartwatch's software.

Can I download Wear OS 2.1?

If your watch is sporting Wear OS software already, you can upgrade to the newer version of the software that comes with improved notifications and a newer version of Google Fit.

Every watch that received the update from Android Wear to Wear OS is compatible with the latest software, and any recently launched watches will be able to download it. 

How can I download Wear OS 2.1?

You may find it has already landed on your watch if you have automatic updates set up and you've had it on charge while connected to the internet.

You can check what software your watch is running by heading to the Settings menu on your watch and pressing on System. In that menu you'll find a section called About, and it'll give you a number under the Versions heading.

If that reads as Wear OS 2.1 software, so you have the latest already up and running. If it doesn't, you want to scroll down through the About menu to find the button that says System Updates.

Press on this, and you'll find any updates that are ready and waiting will start coming through to your watch. You'll have to be connected to Wi-Fi and have a Google account set up on the watch for this to work.

How to update your Wear OS apps

This is different to your Wear OS software, and it's to check whether any of the apps that run on your watch need an update.

Often you'll have this set up already to download when the watch is charging, but you'll want to head to the Play Store app on your watch. From that menu, swipe down and you'll find the My Apps button.

If it says here updates available you'll want to press on the bit that says Update All. Be aware that this may take some time though, so you'll want to leave your watch to one side while it updates.