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You can now ask Alexa to crank the bass

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For months, Google Assistant speakers like the Google Home have had one key feature that Amazon Alexa speakers just couldn’t match - an equalizer. 

To help audio-lovers custom-tune their music, Amazon is ready to right that wrong and has announced, starting today, you can now ask Alexa to alter your music based on your tastes. 

For now, you can only change the mix using three sets of commands: You can raise or lower the mids; raise or lower the highs and raise or lower the bass. 

All commands can be given via voice commands - which is actually a tad more convenient than going into the app itself.

Custom-tuned > auto-tuned

If you want Alexa to customize the mix based on the type of content, Alexa can now also switch between presets for movies, music, sports and TV as well.

The update is rolling out first to Amazon’s first-party Alexa speakers here in the US - sorry UK, Australia! - but, as an added bonus, should also arrive today on select third-party speakers like the Sonos Beam

Amazon says it will be opening this feature up to more developers in the future, so you should expect to see it as part of Alexa’s regular box of tricks in the near future.

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