Xiaomi's first smartwatch you can buy may be called the Mi Watch Revolve

Xiaomi Mi Watch Color
Xiaomi Mi Watch Color (Image credit: Xiaomi)

While Xiaomi puts out its popular Mi Band fitness trackers globally, it hasn't yet released any of its smartwatches outside China - that could change soon though, and we've heard what its first global release could be called.

According to XDA Developers, who found mention of it in the Mi Watch app (which you need to download onto your phone to use Xiaomi wearables), a Xiaomi smartwatch called the Mi Watch Revolve could be on its way for the global market.

There's no time scale on when this smartwatch could come out, or any actual confirmation it'll be coming to the global market, though XDA Developers refers to someone in Spain who managed to buy it online. So, take this with a pinch of salt for now.

A revolving name?

We've not heard anything about the Mi Watch Revolve smartwatch yet, but it's possible we know everything about it already, as according to XDA Developers, presumably based on a picture of it found in the Mi Watch app, it could just be a re-branded Mi Watch Color.

The Xiaomi Mi Watch Color, launched in late 2019 and shouldn't be confused with the Mi Watch that was unveiled just before. 

The Mi Watch Color is a circular smartwatch with a 1.39-inch AMOLED screen and two crowns, running Xiaomi's own software with a range of fitness features. It's pretty affordable, priced at CNY800 (roughly $110, £90, AU$165), though it doesn't seem to have any unique features.

Apparently, then, the Mi Watch Color could come out for other regions as the Mi Watch Revolve - that's a curious name, as though the watch has a color display, it has no revolving elements like the Samsung Galaxy Watch.  

We'll wait to see if this is true though, as the Mi Watch Color image may have been used as a placeholder in the app for a different watch which hasn't been released yet.

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