Xiaomi Mi Band 2 vs Mi Band: What’s different?

Officially announced a couple of months ago, the Mi Band 2 is now available in India via weekly flash sales for Rs 1,999. Given that it's more expensive than its predecessor, it's only fair that we compare the two wearable's to see if the upgrades are worth the surplus we're paying.


Xiaomi has significantly revamped the design of the Mi Band 2 as compared to the original Mi Band and the Mi Band 1S. The capsule itself has a slightly changed design, although the functionality remains the same. The unit fits snugly into the silicone band.


This is perhaps the biggest upgrade on-board the Mi Band 2 as the first gen Mi Band lacks a display. This basically means that you are free to use the Mi Band 2 as an independent device and do not require your smartphone to track fitness data. The OLED display can show the steps you've taken, the heart rate and several other functions, which makes this the single biggest upgrade available on the device.


While one would expect the battery life to be cut down with the new Mi Band 2, the results are pleasantly surprising. Early adopters have revealed that the Mi Band 2 offers nearly two weeks of battery life on a full charge, which is significantly more than the 7 to 10 day battery life offered by the Mi Band 1S.

Pricing and availability

The original Mi Band can still be bought from some online retailers for  just under Rs 1,000 (or more in some cases), while the Mi Band 2 will be  available through a flash sale starting next week via mi.com (opens in new tab) at 12PM on September 27 and Amazon India on September 30 for Rs 1,999.

So is the Mi Band 2 worth the upgrade? Well, we think it is, simply because there's a standalone display now which allows you to track your health vitals without having to depend on your phone. But availability remains a concern as Xiaomi's flash sales don't last longer than 10 seconds (if you're lucky).