Xiaomi has a bold plan to make 5G phones affordable in 2020

The Mi Mix 3 5G was Xiaomi's first 5G phone (Image credit: TechRadar)

Xiaomi could soon be one of the biggest smartphone players in 5G, as following on from a claim that it would launch at least 10 5G handsets next year, the company has now said that all its 2020 smartphones of over CNY2,000 (around $285 / £220 / AU$420) will support 5G.

That claim comes direct from Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun, who said as much during a keynote speech in Guangzhou, China, according to CNMO.

The move could make 5G phones far more accessible and affordable than they are now, as Xiaomi will be offering a variety of handsets to choose from, offering 5G phones at lower price points than they are currently available.

Lowering costs

Right now, most 5G phone have flagship price tags. The Samsung Galaxy A90 5G is one of the most affordable, and even than costs £669 (around $860 / AU$1,270) to buy SIM-free.

Xiaomi for its part already offers a few 5G phones, such as the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G and the wraparound Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha, but its selection is a lot more limited than it sounds like it soon will be.

It’s not just Xiaomi which could make a big 5G push in 2020 though. It’s likely that Apple will finally add 5G to the iPhone range – possibly to all three rumored iPhone 12 models, while Samsung and other companies are also likely to offer a growing number of 5G handsets.

Via GSMArena

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