The terrible state of cybernetics today

Blah blah serious medical implications etc etc and so forth

When we imagine cyborgs, we tend to think of glamorous war machines fighting distant wars on futuristic planets, beneath red skies with two moons, as sexy chrome-skinned lady cyborgs gaze on admiringly.

But this is the depressing modern-day reality of current cyborg development - a rat chained to a miniature wheelchair with a pack of rechargeable batteries glued to the roof for power.

It's RatCar, a development of the University of Tokyo, designed to test brain and machine interface technology. Blah blah serious medical implications etc etc and so forth

If the rat can control its little wheels, then there's hope that one day mankind may be able to use our brains to make our beds wheel us out to the kitchen for additional snack foods during advert breaks. Six out of eight rats adapted to life in the brain-controlled car, so the dream remains alive.


Horsey Hotties is "THE dating website for fun-loving equestrian & rural party people". It's basically yet another internet dating site, only one for people who are likely to turn up for your pub lunch two-for-one deal date in a Land Rover with half a bale of hay and four dogs in the back.


HORSES FOR COURSES: Own jodhpurs and crop a bonus

The site design is fittingly dilapidated, but it does at least let users upload video profiles, plus it has the all-important search-by-post-code facility - so you don't end up having to drive 500 miles to meet your new barn-romp partner.

Holier than thou

Potholes. Either you're the sort of person to drive around them and tut, or you stop, get out, take a photograph and send it to your local councillor along with a long list of potential bad things that could possibly happen to children as a result of there being a few inches of tarmac missing from the road surface. If you're in the latter demographic, there's an app for that now - in the form of Aggregate Industries' Fill That Hole for iPhone.


ROAD WORTHY: Again, we like the challenge of potholes. They make driving feel like you're playing F-Zero

Geo-tagging lets users submit pothole sightings to the Fill That Hole website, which automatically forwards complaints to the relevant local authority. Everyone's council tax bills will rise by 6 per cent next year to cope with the admin.